Travel Guidelines

  • It is advisable not to bring heavy clothes due to the mild atmosphere throughout the year.

  • The US dollar is equivalent to (123) Liberian dollars.

Places of entertainment

Tourist Attractions in Liberia

Liberia is made up of 15 counties that makes it to be a special place to attract tourists from all over the world especially since it has a long history and heritage and has helped to improve tourism, so tourists are advised to visit.


    1. Sabo National Park

    The Sabo National Park is located in Sinoe County and, is one of the most important parks within the Republic of Liberia. The park includes a large number of animals of all kinds, such as the African civet, the great blue turquoise and the novel bird, a bird that feeds on Bees. There is also a tiger with a class of ponies, crocodiles and the bird of the kingfish that picks fish from the sea.


    2. Buchanan

    The city of Buchanan is a coastal city, Liberia's third largest city; it was named after Thomas Buchanan, the cousin of US President James Buchanan, second governor of Liberia. The province of Buchanan is one of the most important places where fighting took place during the civil war. It includes a large number of iron ore mines and a large number of ports.


    3. The City of Monrovia

    Anyone who goes to Liberia must visit Monrovia. It has a large number of attractive beaches and beautiful scenery, which allows tourists to enjoy all its coastal activities like swimming and diving, there are also a number of restaurants and cafés.


    4. Rubber Plantation

    This farm is owned Firestone; it is also one of the most important historical areas in Liberia. There is a great controversy about this farm, where some of the workers were forced to work. Some said that child labor was largely practiced there in the last century.


    5. Harper City

    It is s a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean and the Hofmann River. It is one of the oldest cities in Liberia. Tourists can enjoy stunning beaches and practice sea games like diving, swimming, windsurfing, whales, dolphins, giant oysters, and a six-day cruise to the Hofmann River.


    6. Zwedru City

    The city of Zwedru is quiet and calm city, where tourists can feel comfortable and relaxed. It also has a tropical forest and it is the main city that produces the wood industry. It has many mines and is tracked to the famous Lamco Company where all the mining sites have been updated to attract tourists.


    7. Nimba County

    Nimba County is one of the most important places that attract tourists; it also has many iron ore mines in addition to very old structures that date back to the 19th century. It also has a museum with the remains of old mines that could be useful to tourists.